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Ray tracing and laser cavity design software: LasEasy V1.0


Software Description:

LasEasy software is the professional software for simulating and designing solid-state laser cavity, optical amplifier system, and parametric OPO systems. It can also simulate the laser light propagation in both horizontal and vertical (sangital and tangitial) planes.

Applicable systems

  • Linear Cavity
  • Ring Cavity
  • Laser-Propagation Ray Tracing

General Features:

  • 32-bit high-accuracy ABCD matrix calculation
  • 256 maximum elements
  • 8 different types of standard elements
  • TM00 transverse mode simulation
  • Experiment-based thermal lensing simulation of laser rod
    • Gaussian Duct model
    • Point focusing model
  • Automatic astigmatic calculation
  • User-oriented graphic interface
  • Easy and fast to edit, delet and insert elements

Simulation Results:

  • Beam size(defined as 1/e^2) vs. position
  • Beam size and radius of curvatures of laser beam on both surfaces of each element
  • Stability parameters, g1g2
  • Minimum beam size and maximum beam size
  • Beam size at arbitrary position using beam checker
  • Radius of curvature at arbitrary position using beam checker
  • Sangittal and tangential astigmatic data display

Operation System:

  • Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista


Email:, Phone/Fax:855-2UVISIR(288-4747); Address:Suite #111, 23600 Mercantile Rd, Beachwood, OH44122