Email:, Toll Free Number: 833-8785683, Address:Suite #107, 33140 Aurora Rd, Solon, OH44139


UVisIR Inc. provides high-power Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state laser and its 2nd/3rd/4th harmonic generations.  


  • IR, Visible, UV and deep-UV wavelength available

  • 1064nm output: >200W
  • 532nm output: > 100W

  • 355nm output: > 30W

  • 266nm output: >4W
  • TM00 beam quality: M^2<1.3

  • Pulse width: 10-40ns

  • Repetition rate: 10KHz to >100 KHz

  • External trigger option



Please contact UVisIR more detailed information.

Email:, Toll Free number:1-833-8785683; Address:Suite #107, 33140 Aurora Road, Solon, OH 44139