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High-energy DPPS laser

UVisIR provides high-energy DPSS laser for LIBS and Raman applicationcons.



  • up to 400mJ high energy output

  • 1064/532/355/266nm wavelength
  • 1-1000Hz repetition rate

  • 5-10ns typical pulse width
  • Compact design for LIBS/RAMAN
  • FEATURE options:

    long pulse for high energy: up to 100ns long pulse!

    50-200ns tunable!


Product list:

Model Energy Pulse width Repetition rate Dimension Notes
LDlaser-1064-10-L 10mJ 100ns 1-20Hz 30x15x11cm3 Long pulse
LDlaser-1064-20-TP 30mJ 50-200ns tunable 1-20Hz 30x15x11cm3 Tunable pulse width
LDlaser-1064-200-L 200mJ 100ns 1-20Hz 48x20x8cm3 Long pulse
LDlaser-1064-30-S 30mJ <10ns 1-20Hz 20x9x6cm3 Compact
LDlaser-1064-50-S 50mJ <10ns 1-20Hz 20x9x6cm3 Compact
LDlaser-1064-400-S 400mJ <10ns 1-20 20x12x12cm3 Long-distance application
LDlaser-1064-20-C 20mJ 5ns 1-20Hz 6x3x2cm3 Portable application


Email:, Toll Free number:1-833-8785683; Address:Suite #107, 33140 Aurora Road, Solon, OH 44139