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UVisIR provides standard and customized optical components.



High-power dielectric laser line mirror

High-power dual laser line mirror

Broadband dielectric mirror

Dichroic mirror (Beamsplitter mirror)

Metal coating mirror (Aluminum and Gold coating mirror)

Right angle prism mirror(external and internal reflectance)

Nd:YAG rear mirror, output coupler, and harmonic seperator


Lenses (all types of materials) :

Plano-convex spherical lens

Plano-concave spherical lens

Bi-convex spherical lens

Bi-concave spherical lens

Meniscus lens

Cylindrical lens

Ball/rod lens

Achromatic lens


Prisms(all types of materials)

Right Angle Prism

Penta Prism

Beamsplitter Penta Prism

Corner Cube Reflector

Porro Prism

Dove Prism

Rhomboid Prism

Brewster Prism

Equilateral Prism


Please contact UVisIR for customized mirror/lens/prism

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